Energy Audit of the Company

The Energy Efficiency Act of 20th May 2016 (Article 36.pkt 1) sets out the obligation to carry out once every four years an energy audit of a large company (except as described in Article 36 paragraph 2).


Energy audit of a company performs (Article 36 point 3):


1) an entity independent form the audited company with knowledge and experience in carrying out this type of audit;


2) expert form the audited company, if he/she is not directly involved in the audited activity of the company.


Art. 37. 1. An energy audit of the company is the procedure to carry out detailed and validated calculations for the proposed measures to improve energy efficiency and to provide information about potential energy savings.


Art. 39. 1. provides  financial penalties for failing to carry out an energy audit company




The Energy Efficiency Act is in force since 10.01.2016




The company Eco-Doradztwo has many years of experience in this type of audit.




Auditing provides information about:


- The current energy consumption in the building


- Methods of saving energy


- The cost of modernization


- The expected annual savings and the lifetime installation


- Payback time


- The expected energy consumption after modernization


- Level of the reduction of the emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere


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